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OAJRC Environmental Science. 2019;1(1)


Study on Environmental Impact Assessment of Dangerous Solid Waste

Luis Kasala, Aurora Pusch

Sustainability Graduate Program, University of Sonora, México.

Published: 25 January 2019


This paper discusses the content of hazardous solid waste environmental impact assessment, which can be clearly and intuitively understood. In recent years, with the continuous rise and development of China's chemical companies and pharmaceutical industries, various types of "dangerous solid waste" It has emerged in people's field of vision. If it is not properly handled, it will not only have a great harmful effect on the environment, but also have a great toxic effect on people's respiratory tract and physical health. Obviously, the most important and urgent thing is urgent. The thing is to properly handle such solid waste. For the environmental impact assessment work, it is a qualified treatment process for hazardous wastes in China. The main purpose is to reduce the adverse effects of such dangerous substances on the environment. Therefore, environmental impact assessment research is of great significance. This paper focuses on the research on the environmental impact assessment of hazardous solid waste, and puts forward corresponding suggestions.

Keywords: hazardous solid waste; environmental assessment research

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Kasala L, Pusch A. Study on Environmental Impact Assessment of Dangerous Solid Waste. OAJRC Environmental Science. 2019;1(1).

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